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price piggy bank


At BODY GO I offer competitive pricing for "IN HOME" personal training services. You will begin your journey back to fitness by receiving an initial free consultation in your own home. During this consultation I will gain a greater understanding of your physical history, what your goals are and what impediments you may have going forward. I also find the consultation is a good time for client and trainer to decide if our personalities work well together. Not everyone does. If you feel I am good fit we can then move forward. Each session is one hour of private workout time customized towards your fitness goals. In most cases you will receive additional time, at no charge, based on the program requirements. To avoid being pressed for time I usually schedule one hour between sessions.


5 sessions per week

4 sessions per week

3 sessions per week

2 sessions per week

1 session per week

$75 per hour

$80 per hour

$85 per hour

$90 per hour

$95 per hour

Please note that HST is not included in the hourly price.


Most clients buy a block of either 10 or 15 sessions, but if you rather pay session by session that's fine as well. I accept payment of email transfer (preferred), cheque or cash. Any and all payment types are subject to HST. I will track your sessions and provide a "Personal Training History" statement upon completion of your block. The statement will itemize each workout with the date of your session. All payments are final and non-transferable. All sessions expire after 1 year of purchase.


To allow for the re-booking of other clients please cancel your session within 24 hours of your workout time. If appropriate notice is not given a session fee equal to the cost of one session may be charged.